How we can help

Over the years, we have worked across a wide range of sectors, but we specialise in supporting companies in the following three areas: Financial Services, Green Energy, and the Care sector.

Supporting financial services companies to maximise awareness and profile in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace.

Developing compelling campaigns that ensure messages hit the spot and get in front of the right people.

Understanding the healthcare market and the media landscape helps us generate relevant content across national and regional media platforms.

What we do

Our team has a wide range of industry in-house and agency experience and has worked with major brands and innovative new ventures for many years.  Our services include:


Generating positive coverage in international and national consumer, business and industry media is our key strength. We create tailored headline-generating campaigns, using a blend of traditional, social and digital media to deliver a strong return on investment. Results are quantified wherever possible and their impact on client business evaluated.


We advise clients on all aspects of their business, from brand building and message development to distribution and publicity, for both established businesses and those just starting out. We have extensive experience across many market sectors and can provide invaluable advice and access to sought-after contacts. We often find that the best results to encourage customer engagement are driven by innovative thinking rather than straightforward publicity.

Social Media

Every brand needs a compelling digital strategy to build engagement and profile – and in many cases ‘pizazz’. We work with important micro- and macro-influencers to help companies tell their stories and engage with, and grow their audiences through tactical digital campaigns across all social platforms.

Event Organising

An intimate breakfast event, a creative launch for a new product or a large-scale Gala evening? Whatever the budget, we provide tailored creative solutions, managing every aspect from planning, designing, promoting and executing the smooth running of an event – helping to ensure that the right media and influencers attend.


Several of the team are trained journalists and have a strong track record in producing powerful content – whether it be for a simple leaflet, a website or a press release. You provide us with the information and we take over from there, advising on every aspect, including design.

Crisis Support

Our team has considerable experience in advising companies and brands facing a crisis or an impending issue. We can work on site, if necessary, helping deal with every aspect, internally and externally. We also provide crisis and media training, developing plans and messaging to ensure the company is fully prepared and minimise the collateral damage of any negative exposure.

Shows & Exhibitions

We have unparalleled experience in working with international and national exhibition and show organisers. Working in partnership with our clients, we provide not only superb publicity and media attention both before and after the event, but also creative ideas to help increase visitor footfall and impact. We also help companies and brands exhibiting at shows to maximise their experience and visibility with their target audience and in the media.

Support for Awards

We have a strong track record of producing winning submissions and can be involved at every stage – from gathering the relevant proof points to writing the entry.

Brand Review

To help both emerging and established businesses evaluate the success of their PR and marketing support, we offer a free audit to review/help develop your unique selling points, branding and communications strategy. The purpose is to identify or refine PR and marketing communications opportunities and demonstrate the value we could potentially bring to your business.